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Davinci Consulting Accounting related consulting
Real estate related consulting
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TUSJI International taxation
Real estate taxation
Japanese domestic taxation
Nexus Real estate company targeting to foreign personals

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23-1-2F, Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


TEL : (0081)-3-6407-8648

FAX : (0081)-3-6407-0968

QQ : 3029618163

Skype : chunxiu.Liu


WeChat : otoro158


Message from the Company

Because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japanese real estate prices have been escalating. At the same time, the Japanese yen has weakened. This has resulted in an increase in investments in Japan.However, we felt that the current information and level of services provided to international clients do not suffice on a professional and systematic level.Therefore, the NEXUS Real Estate became the first to provide one-stop service in Japanese real estate to domestic and offshore investors. Because of my deep experience in the real estate industry, I understand the needs of my customers from multiple angles, and can provide international investors with the best service. We wait for your inquiries.

Message from the President

不動産会社代表の写真Thank you for viewing our website. Nexus Group focuses on international and domestic taxation service. Our client base includes individuals as well as major companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We also provide consultation and advisory services to foreign individuals and international companies with offices in Japan. I have extensive work experiences in accounting, Compliance and have held positions such as the Chief Financial Officer of a British company in Japan.I have worked with individuals, as well public listed companies. From my experience, I have felt that Japanese domestic companies lack international financial personals, and foreign companies lack understanding of situations in Japan. These realizations lead me to establish Davinci Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. We have many experiences in not only real estate industry but also finance, manufacturing, IT, medical and other service industries.Thesedays waves of internationalization including language barriers, differences in thinking business and custom, fluctuations in foreign exchanges and oil price are flooding into middle & small companies and each individual as well.Nexus company is the first advoacator of “ONE-STOP service” in the real estate industry of japan.With our strength in tax and international service, we protect profits of our clients at the maximum. We will offer further rich and unique service to our clients who have foreign nationality living in Japan and abroad.